If only my page could be as cool as these

ch@irpage: the official silverchair hompage
No Association Page: this is where most people go to chat
New Race: this page rox
silverchair mondegreens: this page is soooooo hilarious
Lauren's sILVERCHAIR Page:
silverchairgrl's Freakyish Home Page:
Frogstompin' Freakshow:
the Drained silverchair Page:
Mostly all silverchair Page:
Silverfreak's Lair:
Freaks Are Us:
Wombat Stew:
Sideshow Website for Us Rejects:
Jacqui's silverchair Page:
silverchair en espanol:
Circus Sideshow:
silverchair~hiding in the shade:
silverchair for us rejects:
Absolute Best of silverchair:
Kashmir's Chairworld:
Joannou Freak Society:
Drunk on Bourbon and Shaving Ben's Head:
Leia's silverchair page:
Oh My God Another silverchair page:
Newcastle Ballroom:

If you have a silverchair page that isn't up there and you want me to add it all you have to do is simply sign my guestbook or email me your URL and I'll add it almost imdiately.

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