The first album by silverchair. Recorded when the boys of silverchair were just fifteen years old. It was a typical first album( a typical first album means every song on the album sounds the same)but that was ok. silverchair showed potential and that's all that mattered to me.

song by song review:

Israel's Son: this song made silverchair a kewl band among my friends after I got them to sit down and listen to the words. After the meaning of the song was understood everyone was asking me to borrow my silverchair tape.Plus after Isreal's Son silverchair got more airplay too. It's the kewlest song on the whole frogstomp album.

Tomorrow:this is my LEAST favorite silverchair song not because it sucks which in all actuallity it doesn't but I hate this song because most big wig music people think it's their ONLY song which is NOT true they have several songs on this album alone that are better than it AND THAT is why I don't like tomorrow

Faultline:ok what I said earlier about every song sounding alike on the ablum this is one of the songs I was talking about. I like it and all but it sounds just like all the others(and it's a good thing I like the others too).

Pure Massacre: This is the song that made me fall in love with silverchair (NOT tomorrow)" People are dying for no reason at all..." it's not too heavy but just heavy enough. THIS SONG IS JUST KEWL!!!!! ok time for the next song.......

Shade:This one's a sweet one soft and quiet and um boring and um I don't know I guess the lyrics could have been better or something I just have to be in the right mood to like this song I guess. But it is a good song if you like slow music so it is a good song.

Leave Me Out: I swore this one was going to be a single. It would have been a good one. But then again it falls under the typical first album label again. Its pretty heavy, enough to soothe my cravings (I like my music hard).

Suicidal Dream:This was the first song I took to on the album. It's really heartfelt and full of emotion. It's the next best song next to Israel's So. The feelings in this song are soo real.

Madman: I have both versions of this song and believe me this instrumantal version is much better. But just for fun go out and but Tonnage 2 (it shouldn't be more than five dollars) and learn the words you'll catch yourself singing to the instrumental version watch.Anyways this one is pretty heavy but not too heavy but yeah it's pretty kewl.

Undecided: Another typical first album song(sheesh I'm starting to sound like a broken record)It's a pretty good song. I can understand the feelings involved.Once again another kewl song.

Cicada: Yet again another typical first album song. It kinda sounds like all the rest but then again I like all the other songs so I guess that makes it kewl.You know I have no strong feelings for this song it's just there so its cool.

Findaway: I have had people tell me that this song sucks but I LIKE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It's different from all the other songs and I can relate the lyrics to my life. So that makes it a really kewl song.

All in all Frogstomp was a good album for its purpose. I liked it because I saw potential in the band. But my favorite album by the band so far is silverchair's second album FREAK SHOW.......


Silverchair's second effort was a good one. I told you that I started liking silverchair because I saw potential in them and this album didn't let me down. It goes from one end of the spectrum to the other and taking your emotions along for the ride.And one more thing before I have to get off my chest:I've read reviews on Freak Show stating how it showed Daniel Johns' new found low self esteem weeeeeell I see it as Daniel Johns' new found sarcasim WELL now that I have got that out lets get to the songs...

Song by Song Review

Slave: Thanks to good old bootlegs I had this song and Nobody Came a whole year before Freak Show hit the stores.But the bad thing is by the time the album DID hit the stores I was alread sick of the song(you know I played it over and over and over again it was new silverchair at the time)but it is of Freak Show quaility,much better than any song on frogstomp. IT ROCKS!!!!So even though I am quite sick of it Slave is a really good song.

Freak: Yeah the lyrics are a little bit out there, but I like them, because here in my element I'm bit of a "freak" myself, so I can relate. The music is harder much more fun to mosh to. Even though (and this pisses me off) it DID NOT get the reckonition it deserved I think I saw the video three times on MTV and I NEVER heard it on the radio(that's the main reason I stopped listening to the radio) Yeah this song rocks.

Abuse Me: This was the first single off this album so it was realsed before the album itself. When I first heard it I was just left there thinking which direction was silverchair heading? This wasn't the silverchair I knew and loved. But before I knew it the melodic rythmn had me hooked and I fell in love with this song. Everything just flows together nicely. This song is sorta hypnotic in a way. I don't know it's just one of the directions the band went on this album and I just say it's one good song.

Lie to Me: This one's a fun one totally fast paced. Totally fast and over before you know it. It's just a fun one to break stuff to(don't go and do that just because I just said that)but it is really fun.

No Association: I could've swore that this one was going to be a single(and in my opinion it was a poor choice not to have this as a single) It's dark and heavy and it would've done to Freak Show what Irael's Son did to frogstomp. This it the favorite song of everyone I know(me included). This one is another fun one to mosh to. I loved this song the first second I heard it. This song is the kewlest on the album.

Cemetry:It took me awhile before I understood the meaning of this song,but once I did I fell in love with this one too. It's really thought provoking and you know it's soft and melodic and takes silverchair to a whole new level. A person with deep thoughts has to love this song.

The Door: I NEVER thought this one was going to be a single.Yeah it's fun to dance to but it's not single material. It's a fun one like late sixties music I guess. It is kinda catchy and it shows more of silverchair's variety and versitality so it is a good one for the album.

Pop Song for Us Rejects: ooooook how do I describe this song? Let's see. yeah it's kinda poppy and kinda heavy and it's kinda well I don't know. It's in its own category. It's my favorite style of song goes from kinda slow to kinda fast over and over again. THERE that's a good way to describe it.

Learn to Hate: I love this song it's nice and heavy and as I said before I like my music hard. basically that's all I have to say about this one.

Petrol and Chlorine: I think I relate to this song a little bit too much. It's a song about death. It's soft and melodic,hypnotic. I love this song it's one I can really relate to and once again it's in its own category not like any other song on the album.

Roses: Ok this one's heavy not one of my favorites though.The lyrics aren't all that great, but the music is decent,so it doesn't totally suck. But that's all I have to say about this one.

Nobody Came: I also had this one a year before Freak Show but I'm not sick of this one.Even though I have to get one thing out I've heard in several interviews were Ben Gillies call this song a long one.My reply if you want to hear a long song listen to some Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath some of those songs go on for fifteen minutes. BUT ANYWAYS this song basically describes my life when I first heard this song I asked myself"how do these guys know me?"and they don't so obviously I not alone so this song give me the will to go on in my life

The Closing:I don't know why but I love this song. It's a good finisher to the album. It has a nice tempo and good lyrics. It rounds out the album quite nicely.

All in all Freak Show is the best of the two albums and it's shame it didn't get the reckonition it deserved as far as airplay and sales go.Even on a few list I've seen on the top 100 rock records of all time frogstomp is there but Freak Show is nowhere to be found. That dissapoints me a lot.


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