What's New

November 12, 1998 - added a phone number to Fight for More silverchair airplay section. added url to some really great online music stores to my Merchandisesection.

November 6,1998 - made up a new Mad Lib Game posted the last results from the last mad lib to Mad Lib Results

November 3, 1998 - finished the remodling of my silverchair postcards. added an article to my Article File

November 2, 1998 - OH MY AN UPDATE!!!!hehehe anyway I added the new song of the month and I started the remodling of my silverchair postcards

September 14, 1998 - add three new articles to my Article File and added a new link to my silverchair links

Added three more mailing lists to my Mailing lists page

September 3,1998 - added four import cds to My silverchair collection and added the I stole Bens soul deal to my main page

August 31,1998 - add new Touring Mate. Tried to put up a new Song of the Month

August 26,1998 - added a transcript to my article file

August 25,1998 - added a transcript to my Article File added another mailing list to my mailing list page

August 21,1998 - added a transcript to my Article File. Added some videos to My silverchair collection

August 19,1998 - add a link to the silverchair ICQ users list . Added the info to subscribe to my new e-zine The silverweb.

August 18,1998 - OH MY GOD I UPDATED!!!...added a bunch of links ot my Links Page . Changed the Gillies Warroirs logo on my Organizations I'm in page. Added a bunch of stuff to My silverchair collection. And add a link to Soundstore.com and The Universal Currency Changer to my main page

July 9,1998 - restored my main page. Added the links to subscribe to a bunch of silverchair mailing lists

July 7,1998- totally SCREWED UP!!!!! my main page. Also added a Message Board

July 1,1998 - added new song of the month and added new Song of the Month gif cus my other one got stolen.....Oh well I like the new one better anyways.

June 30,1998 - Added link to join Untitled Online to The New Transition now known as Mailing Lists Page

June 29,1998 - Added I&I and Rockline to my silverchair collection

June 26,1998 - Added all kinds of concerts and interviews and stuff to My silverchair collection=). Added three article to my article file.Added a reponse to Metal Edge's Monthly Round-Up in my section on Ben Added three more mad lib results

June 23,1998 - Added three more links to silverchair links

June 16,1998 - Happy silverchair day!!!!Added frog background to wallpapers page. added three new results to mad lib results page. changed picture on main page. added all kinds of video stuff to My silverchair collection=).

June 15,1998 - added this page. added Godzilla soundtrack and Recovery Hits from the Back Door to discography Changed the main page.