Gena   Marie's   Article   File

Here it is my huge file of every silverchair article I can find. Look through them because I'm sure there are ones you have never read before.


The Latest Music New From Around the Planet:from Billboard December 10,1994


silverchair Speak Out!:from Smash Hits Magazine January 1995
They're 15 Years Old:from Raw Magazine May 1995
Still At School:from Metal Masters Magazine May 1995
Transcript: silverchair's First U.S. Radio Interview:WNNX Atlanta June 21,1995
silverchair Aims to Leapfrog Across the Pacific on Epic: from Billboard July 1,1995
The Modern Age: from Billboard July 15,1995
The Cradle Will Rock: from Rolling Stone August 24,1995
silverchair: The Golden Year:from Hit Parader September 1995
Idols of the Grunge Circut,but Only on School Break:from The New York Times September 12,1995
Major League Minors Australia's silverchair:The Band of Tomorrow:from Entertainment Weekly September 8,1995
Aussie Artists Attracting Attention: from Billboard September 30,1995
Fresh Blood:from Rip October 1995
Little Big Men: from Newsweek October 2,1995
silverchair:Teens Love the Viper...and We Dont Mean The Viper Room: from BAM Magazine October 20,1995
silverchair, Arena Dominate ARIAS:from Billboard October 21, 1995
silverchair:The Kids are Alright:from Guitar World November 1995
silverchair,Heirs to the Throne:from Metal Edge November 1995
Transcript from Modern Rock Live chat: November 26,1995
Awsome Aussies Hang Ten With The Big Boys:from Rip December 1995
Daniel Johns: from Guitar World December 1995
Songs from the Big Chair:from Drum Media December 11,1995


The Modern Age: from Billboard January 13, 1996
Here Today, Here Tomorrow:Interview With Daniel Johns:from Aquarian Weekly January 17,1996
Rock and Roll High School: from Guitar School Febuary 1996
Three Teens from Australia Leapfrog Their Way to Stardom: from Scholastic Update February 9,1996
Interview With Daniel And Ben:from Mtv February 9,1996
Boys' Life: from Rolling Stone February 22,1996
Week In Rock:from Mtv February 23,1996
Interview from Live From The Pit: February 25,1996
Teenage Riot:from Guitar World March 1996
Life Beyond Frogstomp:silverchair's Second Album:from Metal Hammer April 1996
Access All Areas: On Tour with silverchair:from Metal Hammer April 1996
silverchair Wizards of Oz:from Hit Parader May 1996
1995 Reader's Choice Awards silverchair: from Metal Edge June 1996
silverchair: from Teen Magazine June 1996
Dirty Young Men:from Hit Parader July 1996
The Week in Rock:Mtv News November 22,1996


Freak Speak (the cd interview)
silverchair Thunder Down Under: from Hit Parader January 1997
silverchair In L.A.:from OOR magazine January 1997
Anticipation Builds For Silverchair Set: from Billboard January 11, 1997
Transript from an IRC chat:January 13,1997
silverchair Life At 18 from Hit Parader February 1997
silverchair Monsters Under the Bed: from Mtv Online Febuary 1997
Ytv Interview:February 1997
Launch CDRom Interview: From Launch #11
Interview from Modern Rock Live: Feburary 2,1997
silverchair Let Their Freak Flag Fly: from Rolling Stone Febuary 6,1997
Ten Stupid Questions -- The Kid is Uptight: from Entertainment Weekly Febuary 7,1997
Transcript from Mtv chat: February 10,1997
The Modern Age: from Billboard Febuary 22,1997
Minor Threat: from Guitar World March 1997
Sophomore Jinx: from Consumable March 7,1997
silverchair: Back For More Abuse: from Circus March 18,1997
silverchair Inside the Freak Show: from Metal Edge April 1997
silverchair's Ben and Chris The Interview:from Circus April 1997
The Kerrang Challenge:the Trivia Quiz the Stars Love to Hate: from Kerrang! April 5,1997
Week In Rock:Mtv News April 1997
Are We Having Fun Yet?:from React April 13,1997
Still in High School, The Members of silverchair are Sitting Pretty: From the Rocky Mountain News, April 15,1997
silverchair Not Kidding Around with Fame: From The Denver Post, April 15,1997
Transcript from Ticketmaster Chat: April 15,1997
FREAK SPEAK: From Hit Parader,May 1997
Your Round:Contemplating World Peace With silverchair:from Metal Hammer May 1997
silverchair... The Daniel Johns interview: from Circus May 20,1997
About the Freak Shows W mag June 1997
silverchair Acting Freaky: from Hit Parader June 1997
silverchair:Mixed Up:from Time Out Magazine June 18,1997
silverchair All Grown Up:from Hit Parader July 1997
Ben Gillies of silverchair: from Modern Drummer July 1997
Transcript from Eurocknees Interview:from Much Music July 6,1997
Mega Babes: from Teen Magazine August 1997
:Transcript from 102.1 The Edge Interview: August 25,1997
silverchair Kids No More: from Hit Parader September 1997
Can silverchair Survive the Death of Grunge:from Guitar Shop September 1997
silverchair Boys Will Be Boys: from Hit Parader October 1997
Caught In The Act:from Hit Parader November 1997
Transcript from Radio Interview: November 29,1997
silverchair Time for a Break: from Hit Parader December 1997
Freak Show and Tell:from Drum Media December 2,1997
Ben Gillies Speaks: from Massive! Magazine December 97/January 98


silverchair Learning Their Craft:from Hit Parader January 1998
Chair Men:from Hit Parader March 1998
silverchair Go For Three:from Mtv Online May 7, 1998
Silver Strike: from Hit Parader July 1998
Hard Rock's All-Time Top 100 Stars: from Hit Parader July 1998
silverchair : Houseband Profile: from Recovery Magazine August 1998
silverchair back in the studio: from Kerrang August 8,1998
Rock Stars on the Internet: from The Rocky Mountain News August 16,1998

If you have any articles that you don't see here PLEASE!!!!!!! mail them to me. credit will be given where it's due so please help me out here.